Meet our Team

Ian Anderson

Legal Services Project Manager
Pronouns: He/Him

Ian Anderson is the Legal Services Project Manager at Transgender Law Center. Prior to working in this role, he helped TLC establish a volunteer prison mail response program, restructure the Legal Helpline, and develop a number of resource guides to changing identity documents as a Legal Assistant. He is thrilled and honored to be able to connect other trans folks, especially multiply marginalized people, to critical services and information. He believes that legal reform is only as valuable as it is accessible to the whole community, and in never losing sight of the ultimate goal, our collective liberation.

Ian has called the Bay Area home for seven years; he is originally from Seattle, by way of New York and Toronto. He taught literature before joining TLC and still co-facilitates a queer theory book group. He also enjoys board games, biking around Oakland, and creating increasingly flamboyant donuts and pies.
510.587.9696 ext. 325