Meet our Team

Mariah Moore

Senior National Organizer
Pronouns: She/Her

Mariah is a Senior National Organizer for Transgender Law Center.  Her work includes fighting to ensure equity, equality and safety for the transgender community, especially Black transgender women. Mariah has worked tirelessly in New Orleans to bring awareness to communities that have been adversely affected by laws and policies that are discriminatory.
Mariah serves on the LGBTQ Task Force which was created by New Orleans Mayor, LaToya Cantrell. She also works with the CANS Cant Stand campaign, which is a campaign that was created to bring awareness to and hopefully abolish the crimes against nature law that has historically targeted LGBTQ people of color, specifically Black transgender women. Mariah was also selected as a Victory Empowerment Fellow, which identifies LGBTQ community members who wish to run for office and provides campaign training. Mariah is also involved with SONG, through the Lorde’s Werq fellowship.
Mariah is excited to build her leadership through her role at TLC!