Riley’s drawing of him and his mom.

Riley is a 9-year-old fan of Transgender Law Center. When he submitted a story through our call for Mother’s Day blog posts we weren’t sure if it was real or not, so we called him and his mom to find out. Sure enough, Riley was eager to share his story. Riley’s family is from the Midwest, but would like to maintain an element of privacy. Below, you can read his unedited submission in all its adorableness.

Hi my name is Riley I am a transgender boy. I am 9 years old. My mom is a big part of my transition. She helped tell everybody because I am kind of shy.

At first it was the first day as a boy. All the kids were confused I was the most scared presone in the world. There is still some female pronoun hear and they but in the end its fine. But my mom was there for me.

Swiching Teams
When it came to swiching teams it was hard. I had to leave all my friends. Some teams were not going to let me play as hard as we pushed they would not move. I got to move to a boys team and meet new friends. But my mom was there for me.

When I go to the pool I feel free but to day was diffrent. I was going to the pool for the first time with out a rashgard. All the people that I know were there looking at me. My best friend, my sister Emma, would play with me. People did not understand. But my mom was there. 

So you now see that my mom is a big part of me. I mite be diffrent but my mom still loves me so much!:)


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