statementThe World Health Organization, in conjunction with UN Women, UN AIDS, UNICEF, the United Nations Population Fund, the United Nations Development Programme and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), published a report on May 30 that condemns all forms of coercive sterilization of transgender and intersex people.  The report, titled “Eliminating Forced, Coercive, and Otherwise Involuntary Sterilization- an Interagency Statement”, is aimed at laws, alarmingly widespread across the world, which require transgender people to undergo sterilization as a prerequisite for having their gender legally recognized, as well as at the disturbingly widespread practice of performing surgeries on intersex infants in order to assign them to a male or female gender.


The report is not exclusively concerned with trans and intersex people; it also discusses the critical need to change laws and practices that result in the involuntary sterilization of people living with HIV, people with disabilities, and indigenous peoples and ethnic minorities.  In every case, it argues, forced sterilization represents “a violation of fundamental human rights, including the right to health, the right to information, the right to privacy, the right to decide on the number and spacing of children, the right to found a family and the right to be free from discrimination.” (Page 1 of the report)


You can read the report here.