Anand Kalra Transgender Law CenterEarlier this month, TLC’s Health Programs Administrator, Anand, joined with many other local and national leaders including ‘Forward Together‘ and ‘Strong Families‘, in the ‘Be Bold‘ campaign’s road trip ‘United for Abortion Coverage’, when it stopped in Oakland.

The road trip encompasses 12 cities and 10,000 miles, and is made up of young people, people of color and others “standing up against the avalanche of attempts to disenfranchise us, take away abortion coverage, and interfere with our personal decision-making”. The ‘Be Bold” campaign was born out of All* Above All, which is a movement that works to unite organizations and individuals to build support for lifting bans that deny abortion coverage and restoring abortion coverage to low-income women. While on the road, the organizers seek to rally with local and national leaders, wrapping the trip up at Capitol Hill in Washington DC on the anniversary of the Hyde Amendment in September: a law that has withheld coverage for abortion services for women insured through Medicaid since 1976.

Here’s what Anand had to say: “Hi my name is Anand Kalra, I work at Transgender Law Center. We’re here today in solidarity with all people who need access to safe, affordable abortion. As transgender people, we know all too well the stress and strain involved when you have to fight bad laws to get good health care. When you have to fight ignorance and slander in media and the public imagination. When health insurance companies and health care providers can object to your basic health needs on “moral” grounds. These attempts to curtail our human rights don’t stop us from seeking care, they only push people into unsafe channels and prevent us from maximizing our contributions to our communities. The more time I’m spending worrying about my health care, the less helpful I can be to anybody else. So I’m here today to support affordable, comprehensive reproductive health care for everyone, regardless of gender, regardless of ability to pay, regardless of immigration status. Abortion is non-negotiable.”

If you want to join the campaign – to speak or listen – their remaining tour stops run until early September and can be found on their website All* Above All, where they also have a range of digital ways to connect with and learn more about the campaign.