10169391_587409488021876_9021790289344633064_nEating disorders affect people of all ages, races, social backgrounds, and genders.  Sadly, both popular preconceptions about the incidence of eating disorders and resources set up to help those struggling with them erase and neglect many groups of people, including those who are trans and gender non-conforming. A new organization, Trans Folx Fighting Eating Disorders (T-FFED) is hoping to change that.

What is T-FFED?  In their words, “T-FFED is a collective of trans and gender-diverse people and allies working to make visible, interrupt and undermine the disproportionately high incidence of EDs in our communities. We work with both local trans communities (beginning here in LA but quickly gaining national reach) and ED healthcare professionals to bridge the information and access gap and develop allyship and standards of care in therapeutic and facility settings. Locally, we focus on serving trans folks (centering youth of color) by holding Healing Intensives: day-long conference/retreats featuring workshops, toolkit building, support groups, a community meal, and facilitated discussions. We’re also working on beginning a chain of ongoing support groups. For healthcare professionals, we work to develop gender literacy through technical assistance (such as making recommendations for intake forms and housing policy) and more effective care by educating staff and therapists on the specific needs of and obstacles facing our communities.”

In a very exciting development, T-FFED will be hosting its first Healing Intensive on November 22 at Chuco’s Justice Center in Inglewood, CA!  Folks in the Los Angeles area who are interested in attending or helping out are encouraged to register at http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/906260

Can’t attend the conference, but interested in finding support or learning more about how eating disorders affect our communities?  Visit T-FFED’s WEBSITE or follow them on FACEBOOK!