It goes without saying that this time of year is extremely sensitive for our community. As trans and/or gender non-conforming people, we are constantly reminded of a myriad of injustices, abuses and all types of discrimination that take place against so many of us.

The Transgender Day of Remembrance is especially moving, because it is a day in which we honor the memory of our brothers and sisters who are no longer with us – primarily those who have been neglected and/or rejected at medical facilities or those who have been victims of hate crimes.

Some of us who work to make a better world — where we can all be our authentic selves — know we can do a lot of good, but can’t save everyone who becomes a target for transphobia. In some regard, laws are sometimes easier to change than societal attitudes.

Many of us work towards a better future. We sincerely hope that we’ll someday reach a point in time when transphobia is a thing of the past –how far into the future, is impossible to say. We can only hope that such a time comes.

TDoR will never go away. Even if transphobic murders become a thing of the past, we’ll never forget the hundreds– or perhaps thousands of people who have been killed.

We must carry on as best as possible without forgetting the lives that transphobia has claimed.

This is the least we can do for those who are no longer with us in person, but continue to live with us in spirit.

Tracy Garza is a TLC Founding Board Member