Transgender Law Center is excited to be participating at Creating Change 2015. This year Transgender Law Center is proud to host and lead a record number of workshops ranging from health care to the importance of messaging alongside many leaders and partner organizations.  Also don’t forget to join us at our reception on February 6, 2015 at 6:30pm Mountain Time.  Be the first to get a sneak peek into Transgender Law Center’s new projects, bid farewell to our fearless leader, Masen Davis, and celebrate our new Executive Director, Kris Hayashi.

All Day Institute:

Date: Thursday, February 5, 2015 

Time: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Mountain time

Creating Change Conference: Transgender Self-Empowerment: Building Communities for Resilience, Safety, Health, and Life
In this Day Long Institute, we will explore community building across race, class, and cultural barriers to assist both individuals and the community at large in being resilient in the face of systematic oppressions and violence. We will unpack different community building models traditionally used outside the LGBT community and others. The hope and intent is to be practical as well as about sharing analysis and ideas so that there are “take aways” for everyone to improve community building.

Organizer: Kylar Broadus, Senior Public Policy Counsel, Trans Civil Rights Project, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

Presenters: Cecilia Chung, Transgender Law Center; Milan Alexander, BreakOUT; Bamby Salcedo, Trans Latina Coalition; Elliot Fukui, Audre Lorde Project; Danny Kirchoff, Transgender Law Center; Arianna Lint, SunServe; Andrea Jenkins, Senior Policy Aide for Minneapolis City Councilmember Elizabeth Glidden and Trans People of Color Coalition; Mara Keisling, National Center for Transgender Equality; Kris Hayashi, Transgender Law Center; Raffi Freedman-Gurspan, National Center for Transgender Equality; Tiq Milan, GLAAD; and Gabriel Foster, Trans Justice Project.

Session Title: Beyond the Selfie #transyouth

Date: Friday, February 6, 2015

Time: 9:00 am – 10:30 am Mountain Time

Description: This interactive workshop will feature exciting multi-media approaches to give transgender youth and their families real-life, easy to use tips and tools to be able to share their stories in the media while remaining safe and effectively connected with conflicted audiences to build support and acceptance for transgender young people. Learn how California’s new law protecting trans* youth sparked a wealth of knowledge about how to do it right. Hear best practices from communications experts, youth, and families. Then, put the tips into action!

Presenters: Shanelle Matthews, Kris Hayashi, Rebekah Orr


Session Title: Board Service Skills for the Rest of Us

Date:  Friday, February 6, 2015

Time: 9:00 am – 10:30 am Mountain Time

Are you a current or aspiring board member for a non-profit organization? Join us for a workshop on effective board service: what it means, what challenges it can present, and strategies for dealing with those challenges.  Do you feel your skills are uneven but unsure as to what to work on or how to do so? This panel will demystify board service, help participants on their way to making themselves more effective board members, and provide a space for participants to share their own wisdom and experiences.

Presenters: Rose Hayes, Melanie Rowen


Session Title:   10 Tactics for Trans Health Advocacy

Date: Friday, February 6, 2015 

Time: 10:45 am – 12:15 pm Mountain time

Description: Transgender people still face immense systemic barriers to accessing adequate and competent healthcare, even with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. In this session we will provide a detailed overview of the legal landscape around transgender healthcare. We will also introduce and practice at least 10 practical and proven strategies that you can use to advocate for transgender healthcare equity on behalf of yourself and your clients, patients, loved ones and/or community.

Presenters:       Anand Kalra,  Milo Primeaux


Session Title:   Over the Tipping Point: Trans Messaging

Date: Friday, Feb 6, 2015

Time: 3:00pm – 4:30pm Mountain time

Description:     Transgender issues have skyrocketed to national prominence in the media and society. Now, innovative messaging research on transgender messengers and issues and unprecedented media exposure mean that the stories of transgender people have the power like never before to change hearts and minds and increase support for trans-inclusive laws. In this multi-media workshop, trans folks and those advocating for trans equality will hear from top experts about how to elevate stories about transgender people and how transgender people can effectively tell their own stories to affect change.

Presenters: Masen Davis, Tiq Milan, and Andy Marra


Time: 6:30pm Mountain Time

Transgender Law Center’s Transitions Reception

Date: Friday, February 6, 2015

Time: 8:30 pm

Description: Please join Transgender Law Center and friends as we unveil new projects, bid farewell to our fearless leader, Masen Davis, and celebrate our new Executive Director, Kris Hayashi.


Keynote/Plenary Panel,

Date: Saturday, Feb 7, 2015

Time: 1:30 pm – 2:45pm Mountain time
Mobilize for Reproductive Justice!

Reproductive Justice encompasses reproductive health and rights: having the children we want, raising the children we have, and planning families through safe, legal access to abortion and contraception. Reproductive justice also articulates the right to express freely our sexuality and gender. All of us need the economic, social, and political power to make healthy decisions about our bodies, sexuality, and reproduction. LGBTQ aspirations of freedom and integrity put us squarely in the Reproductive Justice frame. So let’s get mobilized.

Panelist:  Jessica González-Rojas, Kris Hayashi, Stacey Long Simmons


Session Title: Trans and Queer Immigrant Rights Direct Action Organizing: A Case Study

Date: Saturday, February 7, 2015

Time: 3:00pm – 4:30pm

Description:  This workshop will highlight the current momentum and importance of intersectional organizing between LGBTQ and immigrants rights across the country.  Attendees will be trained on direct action organizing as a tool/tactic to push for pro-LGBTQ and immigrant rights policies and legislation. The workshop will look at a trans and queer civil disobedience action that took place in May 2014 in Santa Ana, CA as a case study. Currently, the Santa Ana city jail includes an LGBTQ pod where LGBTQ undocumented immigrants are held.  Attendees will engage in skill-sharing and learn about the process of organizing an effective direct action in order to advance a message and demands. Also, the workshop will present attendees with a model to ensure that communities most affected by issues take front center and are part of the strategy and organizing process from beginning to end.

Presenters: Jerssay Arredondo, Marco Castro-Bojorquez, Jorge Gutierrez, Isa Noyola, Yesenia Valdez


Session Title: Engaging New Donors and New Dollars Online Fundraising

Date: Saturday, February 7, 2015

Time: 3:00pm – 4:30pm

Description:  You’ve seen other groups engage hundreds of new donors and raise thousands of dollars on Give OUT Day, but what will work best for your organization? Join us for a hands-on workshop to learn about the successes from groups big and small across the country and begin developing your own, customized strategy to get the most out of Give OUT Day 2015.

Presenters: Jason Franklin, C. Nathan Harris