transtoday-nytThe New York Times today published a tremendous editorial, “The Quest for Transgender Equality,” which highlights many recent victories that Transgender Law Center has contributed to and introduces their new “Transgender Today” feature. “Transgender Today” will include a series of editorials and a collection of personal stories in video and writing that “reflect the strength, diversity and challenges of the community.”

One of the stories featured with the launch is that of our client Seamus Johnston, a former University of Pittsburgh honors student and transgender man who was expelled for using the facilities that matched his identity:

The New York Times editorial highlights recent challenges and victories for the transgender community, including the work that Transgender Law Center has done to advance workers’ rights with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The editorial sends a strong message:

Being transgender today remains unreasonably and unnecessarily hard. But it is far from hopeless. More Americans who have wrestled with gender identity are transitioning openly, propelling a civil rights movement that has struggled even as gays and lesbians have reached irreversible momentum in their fight for equality. Those coming out now are doing so with trepidation, realizing that while pockets of tolerance are expanding, discriminatory policies and hostile, uninformed attitudes remain widespread.

They deserve to come out in a nation where stories of compassion and support vastly outnumber those that end with a suicide note. The tide is shifting, but far too slowly, while lives, careers and dreams hang in the balance.

Read the full editorial here!