KALW-FM_logo_2010On Monday, KALW San Francisco hosted Transgender Law Center’s Anand Kalra, Dr. Madeline Deutsch, Jamison Green, Ph.D, and Dr. Barry Zevin for a conversation about the unique health challenges faced by transgender people and the current moment of transgender visibility.

Listen to the full interview here, and check out some quotes from Anand below!

On the transgender “tipping point:”

We’re not so much at a tipping point as a takeoff point. If you look at what’s happened with other social movements where people have organized together to overcome injustices, you have to look at three different things. One is public awareness of the problem, another is public opposition to the problem, and then public support for the problem. Where we are right now there is a huge upswing in public awareness, but public support isn’t necessarily matching that same pace.”

On the role of trans people in the movement for LGB equality:

“Transgender women of color have been at the forefront of the fight for basic dignity and for human rights and yet get forgotten about or pushed aside deliberately by people who have more power in the community and are trying to make their own way towards equality vs. liberation for everyone.”

Full interview: http://kalw.org/post/city-visions-san-francisco-vanguard-transgender-health