natl-hiv-aids-strategyThis week the White House Office of National AIDS Policy is taking input from people nationwide on how to end the HIV epidemic and improve health and quality of life outcomes for people living with HIV and AIDS. Several organizations have submitted strategies that include trans people’s needs and voices. We need your help to boost these trans-inclusive strategies!

Each person has 25 votes to use by Friday, May 22. You can use up to 3 votes on each strategy. To vote:

  1. Go to the National HIV/AIDS Strategy webpage and click in the upper-right to sign up. All it takes is an email address!
  2. Click the links below to go to the voting page for any of these trans-inclusive strategies that you think are most important:
    • Launch a national initiative to enhance culturally relevant prevention and care for transgender women. Vote!
    • Address workforce participation inequities for key populations (homeless LGBT youth, trans women of color, people with criminal records). Vote!
    • Eliminate state-level HIV criminalization laws. Vote!
    • Federal funding for syringe exchange. Vote!
    • Have gender responsive, trauma informed, coordinated & comprehensive care, with integration of sexual & reproductive health rights. Vote!
    • Develop a minimum standard care for all people living with HIV independent of insurance payer. Vote!
    • Insist that all public school include mandatory comprehensive reproductive health education. Eliminate support for abstinence education. Vote!
    • Integrate the work of the Federal Interagency Working Group on HIV, Violence against Women and Gender-related Health Disparities. Vote!
  1. Explore the other submissions and vote for the ones you think are important.

Remember: the more people who stand up for trans people living with HIV, the better the chance that the National HIV/AIDS Strategy will reflect our community’s needs. Sign up, vote, and share!