Guest post by Julio Salgado 

Last week when I saw the discussions around Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair magazine cover, I started thinking about the many trans people of color I admire and my own allyship to the trans community as a cisgender queer male. In the past, I’ve used my art to highlight cases of trans women of color who are in detention centers or even murdered. While that is important, why is it that as an LGBTQ community we must only highlight trans people of color when something horrible is happening to them? There is so much brilliance and resiliency within trans communities of color to celebrate.

So for June, which is Pride month, I wanted to remind our LGBTQ community that there are amazing trans people of color who may not be getting a Vanity Fair treatment but who are doing badass work. From artists to activists, these folks are doing big things in their communities in support of the trans community. During this month of pride, I want us to remember the many trans people of color who made these celebrations a possibility and those who continue to push for social justice across various intersectionalities.

Click the covers to read more about each person’s work:

Julio Salgado is the co-founder of His status as an undocumented, queer artivist has fueled the contents of his visual art, which depict key individuals and moments of the DREAM Act movement.  To see more of his artwork and other collaborations, you can go to