Last Week Tonight with John Oliver  Transgender Rights  HBO    YouTubeOn June 28th, John Oliver devoted 16 minutes of Last Week Tonight to examining the persistent discrimination and bigotry directed towards transgender people despite the recent increase in visibility. Before attacking issues of discrimination at the DMV, bathroom policing efforts to criminalize transgender people for using the bathroom, and the ban on open military service, John Oliver breaks down the basics:

“Transgender people have a gender identity that differs from the one they were assigned at birth. Gender identity is who you are, sexual orientation is who you love. Some transgender people do undergo hormone therapy or sex reassignment surgery as part of their transition. Some do not. And interestingly, their decision on this matter is, medically speaking, none of your f***ing business. And if you’re still wondering ‘but what do I call a transgender person? It’s so confusing!’ — it’s pretty simple: call them whatever they want to be called.”

Oliver’s segment highlighted the contradiction between our current “media moment” and the lag in actual rights and protections for our community, but failed to address critical issues facing transgender people of color, including the epidemic of violence against transgender women of color.

Watch the segment below: