Jen and Cecilia

By Jen-Jackson Tribbet, summer of 2015 Advancement Team Intern.

Hey everyone, it’s Jen-Jackson! You may have seen references to me in Flor and David’s introductory blog post. To wrap up my summer at TLC, I thought it’d be fun to share my experience as the Advancement Team Intern with you all, so I put together a series of vlogs!

I decided to start vlogging my experience shortly before San Francisco Trans March, because I knew it’d be an amazing experience with all of the effort that went into preparing TLC’s contingent and the large amount of TGNC people that would be gathering in one place.

Shortly after Trans March was SF Pride, which was shockingly my first Pride. I was very happy to be in TLC’s contingent, as I had worked on attaining signs and pom-poms for our contingent, but also because of TLC’s inspiring message at Pride, honoring Pride’s history and honoring the lives of trans women of color. It was such a whirlwind of a day and an amazing experience.

I continued to feel invigorated every day at TLC. As it is such an amazing and positive environment, filled with amazing positive people, I was excited to return to every week. Even when I was doing intern activities outside of the TLC office the positive affirmation followed. I got to work with Ola on SPARK! 2015, which will surely be amazing.

I attended some Development committee meetings with the amazing Development Committee.

And shortly after the Development Committee meeting was SPARK! Igniter. After doing so much work around SPARK! Igniter it was extremely exciting to actually be there in the moment, seeing how all of the work I was doing was connected and making a difference.

After SPARK! Igniter, with the help of Radha, I got more in touch with the database, which isn’t an extremely vloggable task, but many fun times were had. I also worked on editing the vlogs that I had been making and a few other projects.