The Porter family

Dr. Louis Porter II, father of MN-based TRUTH leader Zeam Porter, published a beautiful piece this morning in the Washington Post about love, fear, and parenting a Black transgender child.

Zeam is part of a generation that evokes the spirit of the 1960s, organizing and protesting with an energy that leaves me in awe. But especially for a black transgender youth, speaking out comes at a price. Words, attitudes and actions of other young people and adults can be cruel — yet Zeam continues to soar.

Not long after Zeam was born 17 years ago, I was beyond proud. I would go on and on about my only child. As the years have passed, family and friends would try to change the subject, but I would have none of that. Like many parents, I was convinced that my child was the greatest child in the world. That’s one thing that will not change.

Read the full piece over at the Washington Post, and check back in the next few weeks for a TRUTH video of Zeam and his family!