Lila Perry has been the subject of hate, school board meetings, and a 200-person walkout in her town of Hillsboro, Missouri simply because she wants to use the girls’ bathroom like all of the other girls at school. She has responded to the hostility with grace and strength, delivering a beautiful speech at Missouri GSA Network‘s #LiftingUpLila rally, which we published earlier this month. In that speech, she thanked the students who protested for their role in bringing national attention to the experiences of trans students, and chillingly recognized that “it’s rare that a trans woman like [herself] is still living” to see her name become a hashtag.

On Monday, she again took on the unfair task of educating those around her — this time on national television. Despite misinformed questions, Lila speaks movingly about her need to live and go to school as her authentic self. Watch her interview with Raven-Symoné and Paula Faris on The View below! 

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