nys transToday, Governor Cuomo is expected to announce that New York will issue statewide regulations to protect people based on gender identity, transgender status, and gender dysphoria. The regulations are comprehensive and will apply statewide to employers and providers of housing, public accommodations, and credit.

“Transgender Law Center applauds Governor Cuomo for taking this action to ensure transgender New Yorkers can live safely and freely as their authentic selves,” said Kris Hayashi, Executive Director of Transgender Law Center. “As we’ve painfully witnessed again and again this year, transgender people face epidemic rates of violence, harassment, and discrimination in this country. Explicit protections based on gender identity and expression, like those New York is adopting and which 19 other states have in place, are a critical part of creating a society where all people can survive and thrive.”

Nineteen states have similar protections, but New York is the first state to issue regulations through its executive authority under the state Human Rights Law to protect transgender people. The U.S. Justice Department and many Federal courts and agencies, including the Departments of Labor, Education, Health and Human Services and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, have also affirmed that sex discrimination laws include protections for transgender people.