IsaAtCapitolToday, the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus is holding the first-ever Congressional Forum on Violence Against the Transgender Community, following the announcement of their creation of a Transgender Equality Task Force chaired by Rep. Mike Honda (D-Silicon Valley).

Isa Noyola, Program Director at Transgender Law Center, testified at the hearing about barriers for transgender people accessing services. She concluded:

“Transgender communities must have a place to process the trauma of everyday transphobic encounters. Intentional transgender spaces are critical and a much needed place of respite for our community. We must create spaces that affirm our existence and lived experiences. We must require social workers, counselors, medical professionals, case managers, and non-profit leaders who provide direct services to transgender people to reexamine the ways they are engaging our transgender community. We must support transgender spaces that are truly reflecting the vibrant and diverse neighborhoods that we all belong to.”