In the past two months, TLC has welcomed some amazing new folks to our team. Meet them below — and see why we’re so excited to have them on board!

MickeyB-TransMarchPride by GA VOICE

Micky Bradford

Mickyel “Micky” Bradford, TLC@SONG Regional Organizer

Micky Bradford joins Asa King in our TLC@SONG Atlanta, GA office. A collaboration between Transgender Law Center and Southerners on New Ground, TLC@SONG marries Transgender Law Center’s long history of legal, policy and trans-specific expertise with Southerners on New Ground (SONG)’s well-respected southern base-building and organizing shop.

As the TLC@SONG Regional Organizer, Micky says, “I’m excited to grow the Trans magic that has too long been invisibilized in the South.  TLC@SONG is a deep commitment to growing southern trans leadership, emerging and long established. As a Black transwoman and a performance artist, I’m looking forward to utilizing the cultural organizing models our communities have survived on for generations and using them to secure real wins NOW! We are situated at this nexus of the highest visibility simultaneous to the growing, broad, and ever bold anti-blackness, rapid anti-immigrant attacks, and deep transphobia. While this convergence leaves us vulnerable, this collaboration represents the choice to dance into our leadership and to hold each other to organize against isolation. Let us dance, free from fear. Let us win, on the strength of our shared truth.”


Elliott Fukui

Elliott Fukui, Director of Community Engagement for the California Public Education Campaign

Transgender Law Center and Equality California welcomed Elliott Fukui late last year as the Director of Community Engagement for a California-focused public education campaign that TLC is launching in partnership with Equality California. The campaign, aimed at creating understanding and acceptance of transgender Californians through research and education, includes other LGBT and civil rights organizations as well as groups serving communities of color and the faith community.

More about Elliott:

Elliott is a trainer, facilitator, and community organizer with over 10 years of experience in social justice movement work. With Midwest roots and East coast seasoning, Elliott has been organizing both on national and local levels across many different issues and struggles, including reproductive justice, racial justice, economic justice and gender justice. He most recently was the program coordinator of Trans Justice, a political organizing group led by and for Trans and Gender Non-Conforming People of Color and a program of the Audre Lorde Project in New York City, and is currently on the advisory board of the Icarus Project, a support network and education project by and for people who experience the world in ways that are often diagnosed as mental illness.

Elliott believes Audre Lorde said it best when she said “there is no such thing as a single issue struggle, because we do not lead single issue lives” and works hard to build spaces with many communities that make room for all of our fabulous complexity and fierceness, and build our collective power. He also believes that we will win.

Rachel Kahn

Rachel Kahn

Rachel Kahn, Director of Finance and Operations

Rachel Kahn started as TLC’s Director of Finance and Operations, a new position for the organization, in December. She joins TLC with over 20 years’ experience in nonprofit and small business finance and administration. Her nonprofit career started with volunteering at the Northern California Coalition for Immigrant rights, where she kept fixing computers and making spreadsheets until they hired her. Over the next six years, she facilitated the agency’s expansion from 8 to 22 people, spread out in four offices. She spent the next 10 years in San Francisco Chinatown as the Director of Administration and Finance at Chinese for Affirmative Action, where she helped launch Asian Americans for Civil Rights and Equality and sponsored API Equality. Most recently she’s worked as a consultant and interim manager, and comes to TLC from Oakland neighbor CoreAlign, which works to bring culture change to the reproductive health, rights and justice movement. She still enjoys helping to make things work well, which to her means promoting efficiency while supporting the efforts and wellbeing of the employees at the heart of any effective organization.