nys transTransgender Law Center thanks New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Division of Human Rights who have issued new regulations, effective Wednesday, January 20th, to clarify that the state’s Human Rights law bans discrimination and harassment based on gender identity. The anti-discrimination regulations will apply to all public and private employers, housing providers, businesses, and creditors.

The regulations clarify that sex discrimination includes discrimination based on gender nonconformity or transgender status. They also make clear that the Human Rights law’s prohibition on disability discrimination includes discrimination based on gender dysphoria.

Transgender Law Center Executive Director Kris Hayashi stated, “Transgender and gender nonconforming people in New York, like everywhere, experience high rates of harassment and discrimination every day: in the workplace, housing, credit and in public accommodations such as restaurants, hospitals and schools. Anti-discrimination laws and regulations can ensure that transgender and gender non-conforming people have recourse when they face discrimination. We need to keep these advances in perspective, however, with the very real crisis of violence, abuse, poverty, and criminalization that far too many transgender people face, particularly trans women of color. Anti-discrimination laws are an important and necessary start, but our communities are still very far from an even playing field or the ability to live free from fear.”

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