Logos: Data Center Research for Justice, Transgender Law Center, Western States CenterThe last year has seen a growth of community organizations advocating for justice for their communities – from transgender people to undocumented immigrants to a new wave of reproductive health care organizing. But the growth of these organizations often came in response to policy rollbacks and unprecedented levels of violence, just as often as positive opportunities to advance justice. This sparked the interest of DataCenter, Transgender Law Center, and Western States Center to explore how to better support local and state organizing among communities that are on the frontlines of policy and culture change for a new vision of gender equity. This report shares our analysis of the results of the interviews. Our collaboration aims to put a new program into place in 2016 that will support a cross-sector, state based approach to advancing transgender, immigrant, and reproductive justice through a new Gender Equity Network.

For the first phase of the project, we conducted interviews with 40 groups in 11 states to find out what organizers on the ground are already seeing and doing around intersections between immigrant justice, reproductive justice, and trans justice. In our report, Building Power at the Intersections of Reproductive Justice, Transgender Justice, and Immigrant Justice, we share findings from this landscape scan, including shared values, challenges, and root issues across all three axes. Organizers in all three areas (and those already doing intersectional work!) told us that their communities all face barriers and challenges with:

  • Access to Healthcare and Services
  • Economic Insecurity
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Right-wing policies/attacks
  • Violence

We shared findings from the report at the Creating Change conference to a full room, and presented a webinar today to an engaged group of participants from all over the country. Our experience in conducting the landscape scan and sharing the findings show us that our communities are ready for this work, and understand the value in forming a united front against right-wing attacks that try to pit us against each other.

Based on the information we collected from the landscape scan, we’ll develop a plan for multi-year, multi-state training cohort to develop and support leadership at the state and local level. We anticipate distributing applications in the spring and launching the cohort during summer 2016. Stay tuned for more details!

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