Transgender Law Center and GSA Network’s TRUTH campaign empowers transgender and gender nonconforming youth — and their families and friends — to build a movement around storytelling. Through videos, selfie campaigns, and other media organizing projects, TRUTH seeks to change the way people think about what it means to be trans.

Now you can join GSA Network’s Trans Youth Justice Organizer, Juniper Cordova-Goff, in leading the campaign as a member of the National TRUTH Council! Check out some of the videos, the storytelling toolkit, and other great work created through TRUTH and apply below.

The National TRUTH Council will help lead a youth movement for transgender justice by working with other transgender and gender nonconforming youth to share their stories, create media campaigns, and organize with TGNC folks on a national level. In recognition of the effort and work council members are expected to put in, a stipend will be included.