LGBT Data Inclusion Act

Today, Laverne Cox joined 77 members of Congress in support of the LGBT Data Inclusion Act of 2016, a vital bill that would require all federal agencies collect data on sexual orientation and gender identity in a uniform way.

Transgender Law Center has endorsed the bill and has long advocated for better data collection around transgender communities. Last fall, TLC Senior Strategist Cecilia Chung appeared with Laverne Cox at the Social Good Summit in New York to discuss the harm caused by the erasure of transgender people from national statistics. As Cecilia said at the time, “In order for any government to do a better job to serve their citizens, they need to know who their citizens are.”

Accurate data is critical to understanding the issues that people in the U.S. face and to developing strategies to address disparities. Funding is allocated, services are created, and different communities are prioritized based on government data. When transgender people aren’t counted, it too often means transgender people aren’t accounted for in decisions about funding and services.

Watch the press conference with Laverne Cox’s speech in support of the LGBT Data Inclusion Act below!