We are heartbroken today and we send our thoughts and strength to those injured and the families of those who died in the shooting in Orlando. The shooting, which media outlets report took at least 50 lives with over 50 more wounded, was an attack on an LGBT nightclub on Latin night. In this first moment of shock and grief, we call on our community not to promote Islamophobia and unfounded assumptions.

What we do know is that one need not look outside of the U.S. mainstream to find a climate of extremely violent rhetoric, systems, and laws and policies targeting LGBT people of color. As we mourn those lost this morning, we also hold in our hearts the transgender people, the majority of whom were Black and Brown transgender women, murdered in record numbers this past year, and those who have been torn from their families and subjected to assault in inhumane immigration detention centers and prisons. We continue to demand safety for our communities, and an end to violence in all aspects of our lives – from homes and healthcare to schools and workplaces to state legislatures and nightclubs.

As we struggle with the questions of why, we also encourage community to gather and support each other during this time of devastating loss. We must love and support each other.


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