Transgender Law Center is proud to witness the launch of TRANSform Washington, a statewide public awareness campaign that celebrates the dignity, diversity and humanity of transgender and gender non-conforming people. The effort is supported by the Pride Foundation and was inspired by TLC’s Transform California campaign.maya

A bevy of discrimination and harmful legislation is sweeping the nation, but campaigns like Transform Washington bring awareness and empathy to the discussion of transgender and gender nonconforming people and their lives.

Washingtonians like Meghan and her daughter, Maya, have already started sharing their stories. At 4 years old, Maya told her mother that she was a girl for the first time.

“My 4 ½ year old turned to me and whispered, ‘Mommy, why did God make me a boy? I’m really a girl,'” she said. “I went to my husband and we talked throughout the night about next steps. I had made a promise to my child, and we were going to keep it.”

This is just one story of many that TRANSform Washington will begin releasing over the coming weeks. Stay updated on the campaign by following TRANSform Washington on Facebook and Twitter. And feel free to use the hashtag:  #TRANSformWA.

With the emergence of this initiative in Washington and our efforts in California, we are hopeful that someday gender justice will be a reality for all.

Visit the TRANSform Washington for more information.