As a part of our 2017 Plan of Resistance, we are launching a brand new Action Center to keep you updated on the latest information on legislation and political happenings that impact the transgender community.


Legislation Tracker Map

Some of the best and worst legislation that has a direct impact on transgender people’s lives happens in state legislatures. Learn about any trans-specific legislation happening in your state — and how you can take action and get involved with local groups organizing around it.

Policy Desk

Hosted by our amazing Staff Attorney Sasha Buchert, Policy Desk is a video series all about demystifying legislation affecting transgender and gender nonconforming folks. We’ll delve into how our political process works, how laws impact our every day lives and how we can make sure our voices and experiences are elevated and respected.


We have long utilized petitions to elevate your voice on important matters like political appointments, discriminatory practices and more, but now you’ll be able to access all of them in one place.