More than 100 anti-transgender bills have been introduced in 29 state legislatures across the country this year, and the transgender community is mobilizing a vigorous nationwide pushback.

This week, the focus is on bills advancing in Arkansas, Tennessee, and Texas.

“2017 has already proved difficult for transgender and gender nonconforming people, with legislators finding us to be convenient political scapegoats,” said Sasha Buchert, staff attorney and policy counsel at Transgender Law Center. “But our communities know how to organize to keep ourselves and each other safe.”

Today in Texas, nearly 1,000 people are expected at the state capitol for All-In for Equality Advocacy Day. Transgender advocates will urge legislators to reject SB 6 and instead to pass inclusive policies that protect all Texans, including children; and end discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity or expression.

SB 6 would overturn non-discrimination ordinances that have been passed in several major Texas cities, as well as force state agencies, municipalities, public schools and public universities to discriminate against transgender people.

In Arkansas, Senate Bill 774 seeks to discriminate against transgender people by denying them the right to use restrooms and other facilities consistent with their gender identity in schools and government buildings. A hearing will be held today before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Another bill, SB 1986, criminalizes indecent exposure by members of the opposite “biological sex” and it functions as a “bathroom bill.”

In Tennessee, there will be a House hearing on Tuesday and a Senate hearing on Wednesday on “bathroom bill” SB 771/HB 888.

Transgender Law Center’s Action Center provides information and tools that can be used to take action and support local advocates as they fight these bills.

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