A bill that would be a death sentence for many in our community is moving forward in the Senate — and we have only a few days left to stop it.

The legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act would harm millions of people by making it possible for individual states to allow insurance companies to deny coverage or charge more if a person has a preexisting condition, such as having been diagnosed as HIV+. It would also allow states to opt out of the essential health benefits requirement.

This effort to gain votes by appeasing legislators who want to return to the dark ages must be stopped. LGBT people are more than twice as likely as the general population to be uninsured — and if Republicans repeal the ACA, that number will get a lot worse. Transgender and gender nonconforming communities need the ACA to protect ourselves and our families.

Please contact your legislator and tell them to vote against a repeal in order to #SaveACA, and sign our petition below.

You can find your legislator by typing in your zip code here.

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