Today, is National HIV Call-In Day – and we need you to call your Senators and tell them NO to the latest ACA repeal bill, which would rob millions of people of life-saving health care.

Our Positively Trans data show that trans people have higher rates of uninsurance than the general population, and that 43% of insured trans people with HIV get their insurance through Medicare/Medicaid, which would be wiped out by this bill.

We just need three Republican Senators to vote “no” to stop this devastating attack on our survival. Fortunately, yesterday a third Republican came out in opposition. But we’ve thought this repeal bill was dead before, and we were wrong. We need to keep up the pressure and keep making our voices heard.

Contact your legislator and tell them to vote against the Senate health care bill, and sign our petition below.

You can find information to contact your Senator here.

Please, take action to stop this bill and #SaveACA — and with it, thousands of lives.