Tanesh Lawsuit

Join us in supporting Transgender Law Center client Tanesh Nutall, who is courageously challenging the City of San Francisco for its treatment of Black trans women. Rally in San Francisco at the Van Ness steps of City Hall on Tuesday, February 20th, at 11:30am.

When Tanesh Nutall moved to San Francisco in 2010, she thought she’d finally found home. A place where she could proudly be herself as a trans woman without worrying about her safety.

Then she attended a training at a San Francisco city building in 2016 and everything changed.

An employee of the city’s Office of Citizen Complaints, an agency supposed to advocate for city residents, blocked Tanesh from using the women’s bathroom, calling her a “f—ing man” and a “f—ing freak.”

Tanesh came to Transgender Law Center for support. TLC filed discrimination complaints on her behalf with the San Francisco Human Rights Commission and the Department of Fair Employment and Housing. Last week, after two years of trying to get justice from the city and dealing with the emotional fallout from the harassment and discrimination, the State of California brought a lawsuit on her behalf against the city of San Francisco.

Tanesh had to leave San Francisco because of the impact this incident had on her. Show up on Tuesday and let her know the trans community here still has her back!

For those who don’t live nearby or can’t come in person, please show your support by sharing her story and signing a support message for Tanesh below.