Transgender Law Center (TLC) is thrilled to announce the Disability Project, a groundbreaking initiative to magnify the leadership, collective power, and visibility of LGBTQ disabled/Deaf/ill constituents, particularly those multiply policed. Launched by Sebastian Margaret through a 2019 Soros Justice Fellowship, the project embeds disability, Deafness, and anti-ableism politics and expertise into LGBTQ movement work. 

“Me am excited, humbled and spectacularly honored this recognition by, and more thrilled am the possibilities it brings justice-based disability work for broadly,” said Sebastian Margaret, an organizer, educator, and strategist with over 30 years of movement experience. “The Disability Project anchored is the belief that its purpose and charge inextricably connected to labor, dedication, brilliance and dogged efforts of all who this work doing been from time: particularly those still yet unfound. It draws deep from core disability justice value that centering ableism an issue is connection and resistance bold of, and its erosion a necessary and potent mechanism liberation of.” 

The Disability Project is led by a multi-racial, cross-class, cross-disability advisory board of transgender and queer people. The project breaks isolation, grows connection, and builds leadership within trans and queer disability/Deaf/chronically ill communities.  

“TLC is honored to house the Disability Project, grateful to the many activists who laid the groundwork for this moment, and excited for Sebastian and the advisory board’s leadership,” said Kris Hayashi, executive director of Transgender Law Center. “This project marks a critical shift for TLC and we hope for the LGBTQ movement broadly.” 

The Disability Project will kick off with a convening of the advisory board in December.