We envision a world where all people can safely and easily secure the resources we need to thrive. For generations, marginalized communities have kept each other safe at home and work by sharing vital information and resources with each other. But the Fighting Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) has placed our communities in danger, particularly online, where it has caused websites to target and police transgender people with increasing regularity. Contrary to what its proponents claim, FOSTA has made it more difficult to end human trafficking, while also making it harder for sex workers to work safely and share vital information. FOSTA has also led to censorship of transgender creators, particularly BIPOC trans women.

This week, Transgender Law Center filed an amicus brief in Woodhull v. United States, a lawsuit which challenges FOSTA. We believe that by raising our voices, together we can create a world where all people are free to thrive no matter our race, our genders, or what we do to make money.

You can read TLC’s Amicus brief below and stay up to date on Woodhull Freedom Foundation’s lawsuit.