Update: We are sad to report that CA Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed the Trust Act on Sunday, September 30th. Transgender Law Center will continue advocating for laws and policies that reduce mistrust and mistreatment between transgender people and law enforcement.

Transgender Law Center and Lambda Legal have co-authored a letter — joined to date by 22 LGBT and immigrant rights groups—urging California Gov. Jerry Brown to sign AB 1081, the Transparency and Responsibility Using State Tools (TRUST) Act.

From Lambda Legal:

The TRUST Act, sponsored by State Assembly Member Tom Ammiano, addresses how California law enforcement agencies implement the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Secure Communities, or S-Comm, program. S-Comm actions currently affect people with no criminal history, sweeping them into immigration proceedings and tearing families apart.

The TRUST Act would refocus S-Comm enforcement actions on the deportation of the most dangerous and violent offenders, as was the original stated intent of the program. Instead, as currently implemented, S-Comm actions have resulted in the arrest and detention of immigrants for minor traffic infractions and interfered with the ability of law enforcement agencies to focus on serious crime. Current S-Comm enforcement policies exacerbate distrust and suspicion between law enforcement and immigrant communities.

The TRUST Act would adjust implementation of S-Comm across California communities and restore the critical level of trust between police officers and community residents necessary for effective law enforcement and protecting public safety.

Transgender people, especially transgender women of color report extraordinarily high rates of police harassment putting them at greater risk for deportation and creating mistrust between the community, which is in great need of protection from hate crimes and violence, and local law enforcement. Transgender Law Center advocated for the passage of the Trust Act at our 2012 Transgender Leadership Summit, and will continue to keep you updated about its progress.

The 24 LGBT and immigrant rights groups that have joined the letter to date include:

Lambda Legal
Transgender Law Center
Brown Boi Project
The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence
Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA)
Community United Against Violence (CUAV)
Equality California (EQCA)
Gender Justice LA
Gray Panthers Association of California Networks
Immigration Equality
Immigrant Youth Coalition
Latino Equality Alliance (LEA)
Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center
Marin Gray Panthers
Marriage Equality USA
National Center for Lesbian Rights
National Center for Transgender Equality
National Gay & Lesbian Task Force Action Fund
National Immigrant Youth Alliance
Out 4 Immigration
San Diego LGBT Community Center
San Francisco LGBT Community Center
South Bay LGBT Center
Trans Latina Coalition

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