Trans health advocacy in North Carolina? You betcha! This article from the Mountain Express highlights the diligent work of community activists in Asheville, NC in establishing trans-competent medical care through a community clinic. Now serving over 100 trans people, the clinic’s example shows that trans people can and do organize to get the health care we need everywhere, not just in large coastal cities.

From Mountain Xpress:

Aside from hormone therapy, there is a major need within the transgender community for primary health care that is sensitive as well as medically and culturally competent,” says Allister Styan, who coordinates the WNCCHS program. “Not all transgender patients are seeking hormones,” he explains. “Some simply want access to a physician who will treat them with dignity and respect. Given that 19 percent of transgender people have been refused medical treatment due to their status and many are uninsured, this can be very difficult to come by.