Greetings friends, family, and allies,

I am incredibly proud to announce that Transgender Law Center helped Google develop and implement a comprehensive health insurance plan for transgender employees that includes transition-related care. 
Today published a two page story about this success, echoing my belief that Google’s plan will become the “gold standard” for transgender health care coverage.
The folks at Google are clearly dedicated to providing a work environment that fosters everyone’s ability to be their own authentic selves, as it was never a question of “if” or “why,” but rather “how” to offer the best health care benefits possible to transgender employees. This is as courageous as it is unprecedented.
While Google’s own LGBT employee resource group built internal support for the policy changes, Transgender Law Center played an important role. We helped Google learn about the unique health needs of transgender people, discussed the barriers faced by transgender people accessing health care, and provided technical assistance that helped Google navigate administrative roadblocks to obtaining inclusive health insurance policies.
Successes like this one are made possible with your support. This is a tremendous victory – not just for Google employees, but for transgender workers everywhere. When a company of Google’s size and stature takes this step, it sets the bar higher for employers nationwide. Help us advocate for better healthcare policies for transgender people everywhere by making a donation. Or deepen your impact by creating a personal online fundraising page today!
With pride,
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Masen Davis

Executive Director