Contra Costa Residents: We Need You! Have you or someone you know had issues meeting your health care needs? Have you faced health care or insurance discrimination and wanted to have more options for care in the area?

Join the Contra Costa Health Council and be a part of a dynamic statewide movement to make health care more accessible to transgender people. Health council members will identify local community health care needs and policy priorities to relieve discrimination issues faced by transgender people.
The Contra Costa Health Council will kick off with a retreat on Saturday, February 11th. Members will meet monthly to plan, strategize, and organize to improve the health and well-being of the local trans community. Be a part of change!

*The statewide program called Project HEALTH is organized by Transgender Law Center, in partnership with the Lyon-Martin Health Services. Project HEALTH seeks to ensure that all transgender people can access comprehensive, quality, culturally sensitive health care within their own communities.

Local community members are coming together to form HEALTH Councils across the state to address local transgender health care issues by advocating for health care policy change with local policy-makers and health care providers. Our newest council is in Contra Costa County. Will you join us?

Click here to apply online!

More About The Contra Costa HEALTH Council:

Project HEALTH organizes and networks existing efforts at a number of organizations bridging between health care providers and advocates in a coherent, comprehensive, and transformative way. We ultimately seek to ensure that all transgender people can access comprehensive, quality, culturally-sensitive health care within their own communities.

Project HEAL TH is launching a regional HEALTH Council in Contra Costa County that will join community members and providers together to address health care issues that are imperative to transgender communities locally.

By having a group of dedicated individuals, we can affect specific local change and be better advocates to our immediate communities.

The purposes of the HEALTH Council are:

  • To identify an issue that negatively influences access to transgender health and launch a local public policy campaign to affect change.
  • To provide a structured, supportive, empowering, and confidential environment in which to work on organizing for change, receive trainings, and connect with peers and allies.

HEALTH Council Member Qualifications and Roles:

  • Participate in transgender health care either as a recipient, provider or advocate.
  • Commitment to work on transgender issues that impact low-income and communities of color.
  • Speak and write comfortably in English.
  • Commit to respecting that other Panel Members may have different experiences, needs, and points of view.
  • Commit to attending 75% of HEALTH Council meetings.
  • Agree to serve on the HEALTH Council for one year.
  • Actively and appropriately participate in HEALTH Council meeting discussions.


** The Contra Costa HEALTH Council launch retreat will be on

Saturday, February 11th at 10am **

Applications are Due, January, 9th 5:00 PM

Please contact Maceo Persson at (415) 865-0176, ext 305