Transgender Law Center is presenting 4 great workshops at Creating Change this year. If you’re there, check it out. If not, we’ll have notes and resources to share with you about these topics very soon!

Click here for the official Creating Change website and to download the entire Creating Change program book!

Friday Session 1

Transgender Healthcare Organizing: Mobilizing for Community Healthcare 

Intermediate Transgender people need access to comprehensive, quality, and culturally-sensitive healthcare close to home. Are you interested in changing the way community clinics offer care to transgender people? Come learn about useful lessons and best practices to start organizing for increased options for transgender health in your community and work from Transgender Law Center’s newly published Organizing for Transgender Health Care: A Guide for Community Clinic Organizing and Advocacy.

Presenters: Maceo Persson, Transgender Law Center, San Francisco CA; Kristina Wertz, Transgender Law Center, San Francisco CA; Masen Davis, Executive Director, Transgender Law Center, San Francisco CA

Friday Session 4

Creating Our Destinies: Building Transgender Employment and Advocacy Programs

San Francisco has created a model for economic empowerment in transgender communities. In this workshop, community leaders, organizers, advocates and service providers will discuss key components of an economic empowerment program that helps transgender people find and keep good jobs in safe workplaces. Participants will benefit from the lessons learned and discuss models of transgender employment and advocacy programs that address the diverse needs that transgender community members have, including low-income and communities of color.


Saturday Session 7

Cutting Edge Issues in Identity Documents 

Too many states have repressive and outdated surgical rules related to updating gender on driver’s licenses and/or birth certificates. Yet, in the last year, groundbreaking legislation has passed in two states, and many other ID policies have been updated to eliminate surgical and other burdensome requirements. Come learn from national and state advocates on how to replicate this amazing success in your state.

Presenters: Lisa Mottet, Transgender Civil Rights Project Director, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Washington, DC; Kristina Wertz, Transgender Law Center, San Francisco, CA

Saturay Session 8

Engaging Corporations for Local Support 

Come and explore very practical ways in which you can engage corporations to meet the needs of your LGBT organization. This workshop will consider a number of case studies – all real world partnerships with LGBT organizations and corporations – to show ways that working together can succeed in supporting our causes. Attendees will learn about internal structures of decision-making, how to research a corporation’s interests and funding priorities, and how to successfully form a pitch for potential funding by corporations to support the work of your organization. You’ll leave the workshop with new ideas to support your work!

Presenters: George Carrancho, Manager, Diversity Markets, American Airlines; Masen Davis, Executive Director, Transgender Law Center, San Francisco, CA; Sarah Stuart, Global Diversity & Inclusion Programs Manager, Google, Inc.; Justin Tanis, Director of Communications, Out & Equal Workplace Advocates; Trung Tieu, Co-Chair, PepsiCo GLBTA Steering Committee