By Jim Wood, Attorney


Allison Katia Ryder

At times it feels like discrimination against and harassment of transgender people knows no bounds.  And as always, Transgender Law Center is there to help those who become victims of outrageous conduct.

Allison Katia Ryder has a passion for firearms and has been a lifetime member of her local rifle and pistol club. But when she transitioned her gender, the club sent her a letter from their attorney regarding “the issue as to whether or not you, a male dressed as a female, should be allowed to use the women’s restroom. . .”

Ms. Ryder alleged that shortly after that, an officer of the club wanted confirmation that her name was indeed Allison Ryder.  She also claimed that the officer told her there was no record she had a lifetime voting membership.  As a result, she would have to reapply and pay a new membership fee.

This was Ms. Ryder’s tipping point. Ms. Ryder prepared and filed a complaint with California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing.  She then contacted Transgender Law Center for assistance.  Following months of investigation and weeks of negotiation the club finally agreed to honor the lifetime membership now in the name of Allison Katia Ryder.  And Ms. Ryder now has full access to  the women’s restroom!

Ms. Ryder’s story is one of blatant discrimination because of who she is. Transgender Law Center is proud to have supported Ms Ryder’s advocacy efforts.