Transgender Law Center commends AP journalist Martha Irvine for her thoughtful, respectful, and extensive story on transgender youth which was published May 28th.

From WashingtonPost:

While her own younger classmates were accepting, older kids called her “gay” and a “fag.” Early on, a few followed Ryan around on the playground. “Are you a boy or a girl?” they’d ask repeatedly.

Her parents had prepared her for this type of reaction as best they could. Ryan, who her parents say is a strong-willed, independent kid, was mostly just annoyed. Still, she was relieved when her principal quickly stepped in to enforce the school’s anti-bullying policy.

One mother also recalls how, early on, a few other parents worried about their boys being around Ryan — that it might cause them to be confused about their own gender. But that talk eventually dissipated, she says.

Sabrina took it upon herself to speak about Ryan at school curriculum nights, to answer parents’ questions. And now, the principal says, it as a non-issue. “Ryan is Ryan,” she says.

It’s not been as easy at other nearby elementary schools, where there’s been more friction over the few other transgender students. Some administrators have come to Ryan’s principal for advice — and she’s already been in contact with her counterparts at the middle school Ryan will eventually attend.

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