fatherBy Martin Rawlings-Fein

Growing up in San Jose as a transgender man, I didn’t see my future fatherhood. I only knew one trans parent, my best friend in High School’s step mother, and I certainly didn’t know any trans dads. Upon settling in San Francisco, I met a handful of men with children and hoped that I could someday join their ranks. As it turns out, I was only a few short years away from meeting my wife and starting our nontraditional family.

The day my daughter was born, today June 16th, was one of the happiest days of my life. I remember buying a Daddy t-shirt outside the Trans Pride fundraiser at the Castro Country Club. Surrounded by my brothers and sisters, we picked it out and I put it on for all of us to laugh. When my son was born those same friends showed up to help us and lend support. Our chosen family has been the most amazing part of this journey. In a way, both Sadie and Matthew are the whole communities children, after all it does take a fabulous village.