amaTransgender Law Center hails the recent decision by the American Medical Association (AMA) to pass a resolution stating “That our American Medical Association support policies that allow for a change of sex designation on birth certificates for transgender individuals based upon verification by a physician that the individual has undergone transition according to applicable medical standards of care.”

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This important resolution recognizes that how a transgender person transitions is a decision made between a patient and their health care provider, and is unique to each person. It also supports what we all know to be true – that in today’s world having identity documents that accurately reflect who you are is vital in order to access basic things like housing, employment, and health care.

Having identity documents that accurately reflect who you are is vital in so many areas of everyday life — from applying for a job to exercising our rights at the ballot box. Many of us wouldn’t think twice when asked to show our ID, but this is a very serious issue for transgender people. – Masen Davis, Executive Director

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Recently, the Social Security Administration updated their policies to change your gender. 

In California, Transgender Law Center is working to pass a bill that would simplify the costly and burdensome process of ammending your birth certificate.