Are you familiar with the face of hate? Like too many of us, you may also know the sting of slurs and epithets.

Yesterday our Executive Director, Masen Davis smiled through these hallmarks of bigotry on a national, live CNN broadcast. Amidst a resounding victory for California’s transgender youth – the passing of the School Success and Opportunity Act, AB 1266 – our Executive Director, Masen Davis was spitefully called a lady by the opposing side.

AB1266 explicitly requires public schools to allow students access to the facilities and programs that match their gender identity. This significantly advances the rights of transgender young people in California and stands as unprecedented legislation nationally – a model for our partner organizations in other states across the country. However, with the televised hate-speech we witnessed yesterday, there’s clearly a long road ahead of us as we implement this new law.

Today, you have the chance to stand with our youth and Transgender Law Center in celebration of this historic moment in our movement.

Your gift to Transgender Law Center will acknowledge this victory and provide the essential resources we need to continue changing laws, hearts, and minds in our tenacious fight to make authentic lives possible.

Haters can hate. But, today, we’re still smiling.

Becky Benton, Chair
Transgender Law Center Board of Directors