Kasey Caron is a transgender student in Western Pennsylvania who is supported by his friends and family, but his school won’t allow him to run for Homecoming King.

NBC affiliate KSN reported:


RICHLAND, Pennsylvania (WJAC) – “I am officially on court, but on court as a female,” transgender student from Richland High School Kasey Caron said.

Kasey was voted on to the homecoming court, but wants to be on the king ballot and has been attending school board meetings ever since the school district will not allow that.

The board presented Kasey’s mother Kathy Caron this letter about the homecoming decision.

The letter read, “With regard to the issue of the placement on the ballot of the relative to the homecoming court, the board determined that no forma action was required of it due to the board agreeing with the previous decisions of the administration regarding this matter.”

“It was disappointing, my heart sunk a little,” Kasey said.

Kasey’s driver license was switched from female to male, but Kasey says the school board said the birth certificate didn’t list “male” and there has been no sex change surgery.

But Kasey is backed by friends and family.

“I love my son and my son is the most awesome. I couldn’t ask for anything better,” Kathy Caron said.


“As the President for the California Association of School Counselors, we fully support equity and access for all students, which includes allowing equal treatment for LGBTQ students. We stand with you in full support!” – Vincent Pompei, President, California Association of School Counselors

“I am Kasey’s step mother and I am so proud of the stand he is making. The town in which we live is very backwards and conservative, so for Kasey to make a stand for transgender rights in his school takes much courage. He is a wonderful young man!” – Cynthia Theys, Johnstown, PA