Transgender Law Center celebrates the release of CeCe McDonald today. CeCe spent 41 months in prison after being arrested for fighting back against an attack. (video: colorlines)

Read Janet Mock’s moving letter to CeCe:

Dear CeCe,

I’ve started and stopped many letters to you, never knowing what to say. I sent books, instead. Books you requested, books that could probably impart more joy and wisdom and strength than I ever could. What exactly does one write to a woman who has influenced them during such a pivotal shift in their life?
I could never find the words.

Now, I wake to the news that your body has left the confines of that prison. The one that has housed you for the past year and a half. Activist and community members around the world have chanted, “FREE CECE.” But I know you have been free this entire time.

No one could take that from you. Your narrative alone, in your own words, with your own beauty and power and love and graciousness, showed me that I did not need to fight for your freedom.
Your life was yours. Your body was held captive. But you were always free.

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Laverne Cox and CeCe McDonald. Cox is working on a documentary about CeCe’s story.


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