(preliminary, subject to change)

Friday Nov. 9TH–UC Berkeley EVANS HALL ROOM 10

6 pm – Registration

7 pm – Welcome

7:20 pm – Plenary:  Our Art is Our Advocacy

Artists are important social activists because of their ability to reach all types of people across local and global communities. This plenary explores the work of popular transgender artists and how they utilize art to advocate for transgender visibility. Presenters:  Julia Serano (writer); Annie Danger (performance artist); Dana Morrigan (poet and comic); Kai M. Green (filmmaker); Tobi Hill-Meyer (filmmaker)


Saturday   Nov. 10th–UC Berkeley DWINELLE HALL 155

8 am – Registration

9 am – Plenary:  State Of The Transgender Movement

Masen Davis will brief us on the state of transgender civil rights movement at the local, statewide and national levels and highlight critical issues we are facing from both outside and inside our communities.

10:30 – 12 pm Session 1

Transgender Tuesdays

Veronica Klaus narrates this award-winning documentary about the country’s first Primary Care clinic to open its doors to transgender folks in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco in 1993. People came for the hormones and stayed for the health care. 1500 patients have been seen since then. The remarkably warm narratives of these pioneering patients provide the documentary’s beating heart. Their voices reflect the harrowing places they have been, yet by the film’s end their stories provide a sense of victory and hope for future generations. And prove that compassionate Primary Care can and should be the standard of care nationally, in every hospital and clinic–public or private. A Q& A with director Mark Freeman and a personality from the film will follow the screening.


Going Beyond HIV 101

This workshop will explore how an HIV prevention program can go beyond HIV 101 and work to empower Latina Transgender women. We will discuss the obstacles Latina transgender women face in the Los Angeles area, and how the CHICAS programs works to address those obstacles. Presenters: Efran Chavez and Sasha Navarro

Going for the Gold: Transphobia, Racism, and Why the Oppression Olympics are a Losing Game

It’s no secret that trans people face discrimination both inside and outside of LGBT communities. But when we focus on transphobic oppression alone, conversations about racism are left behind. In this workshop we’ll discuss some of the ways in which racism operates and how we can challenge this within our communities. Participants will explore a case study and learn how to avoid the “oppression Olympics.” Presenters: Maceo Persson and tash Shatz

Putting the T in Equality

Many statewide LGBT organizations don’t focus on – and even exclude – the “T”. At Basic Rights Oregon, we’ve committed to doing things differently. In 2009, the Trans Justice program began with an organizing model centered within trans communities. Today, the program is racking up wins for trans-inclusive health care. Join us to learn how we did it, why we love community-centered organizing, and the resources we’ve developed along the way! Presenter: Tash Shatz

Fostering Youth Leadership through Social Media

This workshop will teach participants effective youth-driven advocacy through social media. The focus will be on sharing proven tools utilized with trans youth in Los Angeles. TransYouth Speaks is a joint venture project between Survivors’ Truths’ and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. The project aims to support transgender youth in challenging stereotypes, encouraging respect and promoting equality in their communities through their stories of strength and capacity through Social Media and Social Action. Presenters: Dove Pressnall and Gizelle Santana

Overview of Transgender Advocacy Network

The Trans Advocacy Network (TAN) is an alliance of transgender organizations that work at the state and local level, coming together to build a stronger trans movement by facilitating the sharing of resources, best practices, and organizing strategies. Find out more information about the work that TAN does through this informative workshop. Presenters: Katy Stewart and Jesse Begenyi

Updates in Trans Law

Hear from the Transgender Law Center staff about the current trends in the field of transgender law. Presenters: Members of TLC

Hugs, Handshakes and High-Fives

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of universal tools to replenish our emotional well-being.  Together we will address physical and emotional tolls of activism with concrete tools to assess, adjust and replenish our own energies.   Hugs, High-Fives & Handshakes intends to challenge participants to engage authentically with our own bodies. Building on philosophies of personal health and well-being, we seek to change our outcomes through intentional interpersonal relationships in all areas of our lives. Presenters: Tyx Pulskamp, Mitch Austin and Terrance Kayton

1 – 2:30 pm Session 2

El Fuego Dentro

An award-winning film that documents the personal and political transformation of a group of extraordinary Peruvian transgender activists in a culture that is hostile to their very existence. The “fire” of their challenging context has been transmuted into “a fire inside,” fueling their activism and their lives forward. As they collectively pursue basic rights and create a place at the table for transgender citizens, they experience significant evolution in their personal, family and work lives. A Q&A by director Dante Alencastre will follow the screening.

Cock Talk

This workshop will provide physicians, therapists, counselors, nurses, and others who interact with transmen and their families, the ability to engage in meaningful and knowledgeable discussion as a counter to the negative messages circulating about female-to-male genital reconstruction. [NO SHOW & TELL] Presenters: Zander Keig and Trystan Cotten

Media Activism and Training

This media activism training is designed to provide you with the tools necessary to undertake effective work with the media.  Learn to: craft persuasive media messages using personal stories; get your message to your target audience; develop a media vocabulary so you can speak clearly and effectively with journalists. Presenter: Nick Adams

Successful Strategies in Support of the Passage of Trans* Laws

This workshop will provide information on how three trans-inclusive human rights bills were passed in Nevada’s 2011 legislative session. We will discuss the history of Nevada’s efforts to pass such laws and share lessons learned in the areas of strategizing, information sharing, coalition building, community mobilization, perseverance and self-care, and the importance of telling our stories and caring for our collective histories. Presenter: Jane Heenan

Theatre of the Oppressed with GenderJustice LA

Do you know what rights transgender, gender-variant, and gender-nonconforming youth have in schools and on the streets? Learn and exercise your rights (or ally skills) in this fun and interactive Theatre of the Oppressed workshop! Whether you are a trans* youth or a supportive ally, come join this workshop to play theatre games and gain tools to take back to your communities/schools. No experience necessary! Presenters: Ezak Perez and Shruti Bala Purkayastha.

Moving from Support Group to Advocacy

This workshop provides information about how to transform local transgender support groups into groups that enact policy change by identifying issues and targets, power mapping, local lobbying, etc.. Presenters: Marisa Richmond, Andy Bowen, Jaan Williams

TLC Legal Clinic

Get all of your legal questions answered at our legal clinic hosted by Transgender Law Center Staff

TransVision (Brandi Martell Incident)

This workshop will provide a blueprint of proactive action and steps taken immediately after a tragedy. Communities need to be prepared to respond proactively immediately as soon as a murder or other tragedy strikes their community. Presenter: Tiffany Woods


2:45 – 4:15 pm Session 3

It Get’s Messy in Here

“It Gets Messy in Here” is a documentary that explores the gendered experiences of non-normative LBGT women of color and transmen when using the public restroom. Through in depth interviews with trans and gender non conforming individuals, the film offers an honest and often humorous, self-reflection about trans acceptance within society. A Q&A with director Kai M. Green will follow the screening.

Transitioning Community Clinics

Learn about the work TLC is doing to make community clinics more knowledgeable about transgender patients.

Beyond Outreach-Transgender Personal and Professional Development

This work shop will discuss tips for developing a career path, a powerful resume, and suggestions for addressing the particular issues that trans people face when they are early in transition or post transition and looking for employment.  Participants will leave this workshop equipped to deal with the various questions that may come up during a job interview, an overview of what to wear and not to wear during the interview, and what an employer is thinking during the interview.  This work shop will conclude with tips for keeping a job and will provide various resources that will help the trans person thrive in the work place. Presenters: Drian Juarez and Jaan Williams

Building Your Transgender Education Program

This workshop will teach you how to create your own transgender Educational Program. We will help you design your program, recruit speakers and reach the folks you are hoping to impact. Whether your challenge is creating dynamic, meaningful trainings for your community members or working to educate the general public about trans lives and issues, come prepared to learn and have fun! Presenters: Adrien Lawyer and Matte Jim

Being Trans in Law/Graduate School

How do we get from abstract commitments to trans inclusion in institutions of post-graduate education, to making them a reality in actual practice? Recruiting, admissions, curriculum, classroom/institutional climate, records/Registrar issues, relations with LGB/queer student groups, career services and placement — we want to get down to the nitty-gritty and come up with concrete suggestions participants can employ in dealing with Deans, administrators, professors and students to improve the post-graduate experience for students. Presenters: Diane Klein; Caleb Arring; Axil Cricchio; Devon Guidox; Lee Maranto; Cassidy Medicine Horse; Sonny Nordmarken

How to Make Local Policy Change

This workshop discusses how Transgender Advocacy Network member groups started and offers models for how advocacy organizations are run. Presenters: Marisa Richmond, Stephanie Mott, Jaan Williams.

Research for Social Change

Research for Social Change is an introductory workshop that demonstrates how research can strengthen and support organizing and advocacy work, and how it can be used strategically based on the community’s campaign, needs and audiences/targets. Participants will be introduced to the idea of Research Justice: naming and challenging the structural inequities in research and reclaiming research for our own needs as communities. Presenter: Jay Donahue

4:30 pm –Plenary: Against Incarceration and Criminalization–UC Berkeley DWINELLE HALL 155

Hear from scholars, activists and previously incarcerated transgender folks about how we are fighting within and against the prison industrial complex. Presenters: Eric Stanley and Janetta Johnson


Sunday Nov. 11th

9:30 – 10:30 Identity Caucuses


10:40 – 12 pm Plenary: Emerging Issues in Building Our Movement–UC Berkeley DWINELLE HALL 155

Panelists will also offer advice as to what are the most pressing issues that affect the transgender community so that in the future we can continue to create powerful transgender communities. Presenters: Holiday Simmons, Fresh! White, Kristina Wertz, B. Cole.