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About Claire Skiffington

San Francisco transgender pioneer Claire Leigh Skiffington died June 11, 2007  at age 62 following a lengthy struggle with cancer. At the San Francisco Department of Public Health, Ms. Skiffington became an award-winning employee and set her sights on removing transgender exclusions in the city’s health benefits. She served on the San Francisco Human Rights Commission’s Transgender Task Force, working from 1997 to 2001, until the exclusions were finally removed. From 1993 to 2007, Ms. Skiffington worked for transgender civil rights in numerous ways. She sat on boards and advisory panels: the Board of Supervisors’ Transgender Civil Rights Implementation Task Force; the Transgender Resource and Neighborhood Space; and San Francisco Transgender Empowerment, Advocacy and Mentorship, to name a few.

Felicia Flames, 2012 Vanguard Awardee & Jae Maldonado, Board Member

Felicia Flames, 2012 Vanguard Awardee & Jae Maldonado, Board Member

In every movement, someone has to be first. Someone has to identify the edges of the envelope. And someone has to push them. This award recognizes those community members who, for a variety of reasons and in diverse ways, have been – or are – the movement’s vanguard. Without them, our progress would have been less expansive, our quality of life today would be diminished and there would be no institution like Transgender Law Center.

Applications are due March 27th.

Please include as much detail as you have available or as time allows. Thank you for your participation!

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