Steering Committee

Syria Jackson

Syria Jackson is the President of the Board of Directors for the LGBT Community Center of New Orleans. Her nominator highlighted that “she’s always hosting workshops or classes to make us aware of things and she gives us a lot of information.” She’s originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, studied mass communication at Georgia Tech University and now lives in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Nia Nathalie Faulk

Nia Nathalie Faulk was born in Lafayette, Louisiana and is a self-described Ebony Southern Belle.  Her work consists of Leadership Development, Performance, and Healing and Wellness practices.  Nathalie also works with the Southern Organizer Academy, a leadership development and capacity building pipeline.

Co’Bella Monroe

Co’Bella Monroe is BreakOUT!’s GSA Coordinator, currently responsible for organizing safety and liberation for queer and trans youth inside and outside of schools. Formerly our Member Coordinator who was responsible for organizing the Building Our Power (BOP) Institute, a 12-week long youth organizing and political education program for LGBTQ youth of color.  A graduate of the BOP Institute herself, Co has participated in all of BreakOUT!’s campaigns to end criminalization since coming to the organization at 17 years old.  An advocate for transgender youth, Co started a GSA at her high school which continues to this day.  Co is adventurous, goofy, and passionate about fashion and healing her community through popular education.