SPARK! 2012


Thank you for supporting SPARK! our 10th Anniversary Celebration.

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Mistress of Ceremonies

Tita Aida

Entertainment generously provided by:
Josh Klipp and the Klipptones!



Vanguard Awards

The Honorable Vicky Kolakowski, Alameda County Superior Court,
the first openly transgender judge elected in the U.S.

Felicia Alvarado Elizondo, aka Felicia Flames,
a long-time transgender community leader involved in
the 1966 Compton’s Cafeteria Riot

Community Partner Award

National Center for Lesbian Rights,
a national legal organization committed to advancing the rights of LGBT
people that helped launch Transgender Law Center in 2002

Ally Award

which extended full health benefits to transgender employees


Chaz Bono, Commissioner Cecilia Chung, Supervisor David Campos, Christopher Daley, Bevan Dufty, Assemblymember Mary Hayashi, Supervisor Jane Kim, Senator Mark Leno, Juanita More, Donna Sachet, Theresa Sparks, Betty Sullivan, Supervisor Scott Wiener, Senator Leland Yee


Franco Beneduce, Becky Benton, Jennifer Bing, Vicki Estrada, Michele Horn Davis, Sue Landsittel, Allison Laureano




Marci L. Bowers

Meredith & Jennifer Orthwein



Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center
S. Battle
Becky Benton
Brielle Darynn & Pickles!
Gay Straight Alliance Network
Gender Spectrum
Allison Laureano
National Gay & Lesbian Task Force
Robert Pérez & Robert Francoeur
Laura Peterson
Red Ace Technology Solutions
Ronald J. Triche & Ronald Rutherford
Joseph F. Weidman

ACLU of Northern California
Bingham McCutchen LLP
Michael Blake & Barbara Howald
Bob Dockendorff
Kara Flynn
Lin Fraser, EdD
Chris Haiss & Manuel Wittman
Dawn Harbatkin & Lisa Schen, Lyon-Martin Health
Jewish Vocational Service
Dan Karasic, MD & Ryan Thomson
Legal Aid Society – Employment Law Center
Jeff Lewy & Ed Eishen
Luanna L. Rodgers MFT
Our Family Coalition
E. Williger
Julie Turner & Ricki Worthington
Ellen Wang

Bob Demmons, San Francisco Fire Department Chief (retired)
Chris M. Corrigan
Emily Doskow & Luan Stauss
Julie Graham
C. Nathan Harris & Alan Francisco-Tipgos
David M. Helbraun & Boone Callaway
Kim Hraca
Danielle Lazier & SF Hotlist Real Estate
Mauryne Lees
Sen. Mark Leno
Karen Merzenich & Ross Fubini
Rev. Jim Mitulski
McVey Mullery & Dulberg
Quest Family Therapy
Leslie Richards & Gregg Olson
Alix Sabin & Nancy Drooker
Robert & Tina Wertz

 TLC is committed to ensuring our events are as accessible as possible to everyone, including those who are differently abled. Please contact us with any accessibility needs you may have.