SPARK! 2013





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Thursday, October 3, 2013
VIP Reception 6p
Awards Ceremony 7p

Sir Francis Drake – Empire Ballroom
450 Powell St., San Francisco, CA (map)

~SPARK! 2013 Host Committee~

Nikki “Tita Aida” Calma; Brad Chernin; Brielle Darynn & Pickles!; Bruce Deming; Shawn Demmons;  Bevan Dufty & Rebecca Goldfader;  Felicia Elizondo; Heather Freyer; Rose Hayes; Paul Hendry; Emily Hostage; Kyle, Melissa & River Herman;
Audrey Kwan; Dana McCallum; Juanita More!; Alix Sabin


Shawna Virago
“Shawna was a vital voice in TLC’s early days. She always pushed the organization to involve the community and be accountable to community needs, spending countless hours to help frame the organization and launch many of the programs that are still in effect today.” – Chris Daley

Authentic Life
Kortney Ryan Ziegler, PhD
“In his filmmaking, writing and community engagement, Kortney is forward thinking – he’s creating opportunities and visible space for transgender people broadly, and transgender people of color especially.” – Shawn Demmons

Community Partner
Drs. Judith Lively, Jennifer Slovis, and Susanne Watson
Physicians of Kaiser Permanente of Northern California
“These incredible women have changed the Kaiser experience for transgender community members in Northern CA. If you meet them, you’ll get goosebumps – they’re totally dedicated care-givers, authentic people, and world-class champions of transgender health care.” – Alix Sabin

Lisa Mottet
“ As she has improved the lives of those affected by her policy advocacy, she has also improved the lives of those she mentored and advocated for personally and professionally. This, in turn, has create a wider, more powerful movement.”
– Over 60 nominators nationwide




Tita Aida




Josh Klipp and The Klipptones


Monica Beverly Hillz



~ Thank You 2013 SPARK! Sponsors ~














Becky Benton, Michael Blake & Barbara Howald,Brad Chernin, Rose Hayes, Allison Laureano, Robert Pérez & Robert Francoeur, San Francisco LGBT Community Center, and Joseph F. Wiedman


 Beth Burkhart & Eugenie FitzGerald, Bob Dockendorff,
Shay Gilmore & Mark De La Rosa, Jimmy Loyce & Nancy Rubin, Min Matson, Dana Runge, Wald & Thorndal P.C., Susanne Watson, PhD

ACLU of Northern California, Shawn Demmons,  Emily Doskow, C. Nathan Harris & Alan Francisco-Tipgos, Paul Hendry, Gareth Duncan Gill & Julie Gill, Julie Graham, Jane Nevins, Alix Sabin & Nancy Drooker, Mat dos Santos & David Sternesky, A. Sparks, TGSF, Theresa Witherspoon & Denise