We are ALIVE, despite
those who deny our existence.


We are THRIVING when
our communities support us.


And we are FIGHTING for
liberation for all.


Transgender and gender nonconforming people hold the resilience, brilliance, and power to transform the world.

Despite increases in harassment and discrimination against our communities and the current Administration’s outright attacks on our youth, folks in detention, and healthcare, we continue to find joy and protect each other. Our survival is revolutionary.

Because of those who came before us, we have already won. We know the roots for our liberation lie in each other, in community, and we need your support to keep all of us alive, thriving, and fighting. 

Here are 4 actions you can take today to help win transgender liberation. 

1. Pledge Your Support

Pledge to stay with the Transgender Law Center until liberation is possible for us all. 

3. Support TLC

Your donations make Transgender Law Center’s life-saving work possible. Give a gift of $25 today.

2. Amplify Shared Values

Choose from dozens of graphics to help amplify trans-affirming messages across our networks. 

4. Be a TLC Ambassador

Join the #AliveThrivingFighting team and let’s raise cricital funds to continue supporting TLC’s work.